Are 3D Pens Toxic? Things You Must Know

Are 3d Pens Toxic

Are 3D printers too expensive for your needs? A three-dimensional pen will do the trick. And you may wonder that are 3D pens toxic? And that is what we will put on the table shortly. If you are interested in three-dimensional printing but an actual 3D printer is just too much for what you want, … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Run A 3D Printer Per Hour?

Most people that intend on getting a three-dimensional printer for themself will pretty much have the same questions. One of the most popular questions is “how much does it cost to run a 3d printer per hour”. Well, this will depend on many aspects such as materials or temperature, which will be put on the … Read more

Can You 3D Print Keycaps? Yes or No – Tips & Instruction

Yes, of course, you can. But it will pretty much depend on many aspects such as materials or the design. But can you 3D print keycaps that actually work? If you are wondering the same question, the following writing might be what you need. A standard keyboard will use plastic switches such as a mac … Read more

Changing Filament Ender 3 – How To & Must-Know Things

One of the most common things to do when having an Ender 3 printer, changing filament Ender 3. This task is one of the things that have less joy and is quite annoying. Still, it is a certain thing for the Ender 3 to work properly. Also, replacing materials involved many printing techniques. Which we … Read more

Ender 3 Glass Bed Cleaning – Tips & Complete Guide

Ender 3 glass bed cleaning seems to be an easy task, but it can be a bit of a challenge. Still, many people are having trouble cleaning the 3D printer plates properly. Independent research for the most effective 3D printer plate cleaning is made. This will be put in discussion in the following text. Many … Read more

Cura Ironing Settings & Cura Ironing Functions – The Guideline

Three-dimensional printing is now easier to approach than ever. But there are still existing problems such as the final result’s rough surface. As a result, the solution will be ironing on cura and Cura ironing settings play a big role in giving the surface smoothness. First of all, common knowledge. 3D printing is the building … Read more

Can You 3d Print Legos? – The Ultimate Knowledge

“Can you 3D print legos?” This is the question that comes up first from people who considered buying 3D printers. Usually Lego addicts. In case you are wondering the same thing, we will put this on the table in this article.  When it comes to 3D printings, what hit your mind first? Interior parts, toys, … Read more

What Is 3D Printer Ink & The Following Knowledge

As you may or have not heard of them, three-dimensional printers are one of the keys for the future as innovative technology. The capacity to make almost anything. Yet they still need something as an input, this article will be all about “what is 3D printer ink”. However, like every printer model out there. Even … Read more

Best 3d Printer For Board Games in 2021

Are you a technology geek and also enjoy playing board games with your friends? Have you ever thought about finding the best 3D printer for board games so you can just print any game you want? 3D printers come in a variety of types and forms, with different price ranges, from affordable to expensive ones. The … Read more

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